Five Reasons Why A VoIP System Is Ideal For A School

Phone systems running on VoIP technology are at this point more commonly associated with businesses than with educational institutions. However, VoIP may be worth considering for your school facility. The following are five of the biggest benefits that a VoIP phone system can bring to a school environment:

More funds can be made available for educational resources

There are a lot of money savings to be had by switching over to an Internet connection for your phone system needs. These days, it goes without saying that you've probably already got WiFi at your educational institution. VoIP runs off of your internet connection and can allow you to avoid spending added funds on phone service. 

Different classrooms- even classrooms that are located remotely- can communicate together more easily

Unlike a traditional phone system, a VoIP system offers video conferencing capabilities and messaging features in addition to typical phone services.

Because a VoIP system runs through an internet connection, you don't have to be located within the same building to use these features to communicate with classrooms physically located within your school.

You can use video conferencing features and other VoIP features to communicate with a facility located down the street or even around the world.

A bell system can easily be integrated with a VoIP phone system

One unique feature of VoIP systems that is perfect for schools is the ability to work a pager and/or bell system into your VoIP services.

Often, a bell system and paging system needs to be purchased separately from a traditional phone connection for an educational institution. Being able to combine a phone system, bell system, and pager system into one simple VoIP service package maximizes convenience and cuts down on costs

Numerous types of interaction can be incorporated into the phone system

All of the convenience of a traditional phone system can be had with VoIP in combination with the many advantages afforded by the Internet.

With VoIP, you can use four digit dialing to make calls within the building. You can also use your VoIP system for faxes. At the same time, you can enjoy the added convenience of being able to make calls from personal devices like smartphones or just about any other device that can connect to the Internet. 

Communication between parents and teachers can be facilitated with VoIP

Communication between parents and teachers is important for maximizing achievement in students. VoIP phone system features can make it easier for teacher to locate parents' contact details and get in touch with parents when necessary.

Reach out to someone who specializes in phone systems, such as Spectracom Group, for more information and to see what your best option is. 

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